Areas of Practice 

Due to the  "tort threshold” limitation my office must decline about 75% of the auto related personal injury cases that are presented to me by prospective clients.  Those that I take are meritorious since I will never take a case in order to squeeze a few dollars out of the insurance company involved.   My experience dictates that that strategy is not worth it since the weak case often requires more effort than the strong case.   If my office takes your case, you can be assured that I will treat you with the individual attention you deserve.   
As a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, I have handled hundreds of accident cases.  They have included every type from wrongful death to slip and fall and everything in between.   Since I am a street smart lawyer, born in the Bronx, I find it easy to speak your language and relate to a jury.   My bluntness has often been called my best and worst asset.   Also, I have the patience and financial ability to wait for our day in court.   Therefore, I will never push you into a settlement in order to turn a quick buck on your case.  
Lastly, my office has received many cases through referrals from other lawyers.   I think that this is a testament of my ability, integrity and diligence.  


Personal Injury

Civil Litigation 

I regularly appear on behalf of clients in commercial disputes and contract litigation.  I bring a strategic approach to resolving these cases based on my extensive trial experience.   I focus on the underlying business interests of the parties to formulate and execute litigation strategies that optimize the benefits to my clients of any resolution, whether adjudicated or negotiated.


My office has represented individuals and corporations of all sizes from dozens of states in collections and commercial disputes.   I have represented creditors and debtors in equal numbers in both Superior Court Law Division and in the Special Civil Part.   The most that I've ever collected on behalf of a client was $250,000.00, but I will treat your case the same whether I'm collecting on your behalf or defending you or your company against a claim for any amount.   I also have related experience in residential and commercial landlord tenant and Chancery practice.


My office works on either a contingency fee, flat fee or an hourly rate depending on the case.  The terms that we agree upon will be straightforward and are easy to negotiate.



My office handles all kinds of traffic tickets and complaints filed in Municipal Court. From DWI to driving while suspended and from simple assault to shoplifting I have the reputation with the local municipal prosecutors to get you the best possible result. 


For those who have previously pled to an offense, an expungement is usually the right course of action to clear their records after the required amount of time has elapsed. My fee for Municipal Court representation and expungements is among the most competitive in the area.



Municipal Court

Criminal Defense

Although more than 95% of indictments are resolved by a plea bargain, my experience is that the first offer is not usually the best offer or the right offer.

How it is determined what is the right offer depends on experience and a certain gut instinct that cannot be described in this limited space, suffice to say that a client and I working closely together will usually “know it when we see it.”   I will never push you into copping a plea.




I have handled every kind of criminal case from aggravated assault to drug distribution and  from juvenile crime to domestic violence.  Your fight is my fight.